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    ArcScan Receives Prestigious Grant Award from Therapeutic Discovery Program

Click here to view the ArcScan Artemis 3 Prototype Video
View an Artemis 3 Prototype Video Here

ArcScan, Inc. has developed break though imaging technology for the eye. Many ophthalmologists feel its patented Artemis 3 (shown above) VHF Ultrasound Arc Scanner will change ophthalmology the way MRI changed radiology. Current surgical planning devices do not image the eye structures in enough detail to achieve optimal results for current and new refractive eye surgeries.
Artemis 3 will be:

The Artemis 3 prototype has been successfully tested in a clinical evaluation at Weill Medical College. If you have any questions about the new Artemis 3 or previous research models, please click here. If you are an existing Artemis 2 user needing Eyeseals, click here.

For investigational use only pending FDA 510(k) clearance

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