ICL Sizing

Anterior Segment Ophthalmic Ultrasound Imaging and Biometry

The ArcScan Insight® 100 images provide an unmatched ability to measure the entire anterior chamber using ophthalmic ultrasound. The London Vision Clinic stated, “The most advanced method for ICL sizing is to use the…Insight 100 VHF digital ultrasound scanner to directly measure the area inside the eye behind the iris where the lens will be sitting.” The ArcScan Insight® 100 is an ophthalmic instrument that provides biometry for pre-operative and post-operative IOL, premium IOL, and ICL procedures. Insight 100 imaging adds another measure for the clinic to evaluate precise permanent lens position, tilt, and vault volume.

  Pre-Operative ICL Scan with the ArcScan Insight® 100 Rapid Caliper Tool
Pre-Operative ICL Scan with the ArcScan Insight® 100 Rapid Caliper Tool

Phakic Lens Sizing

Sulcus-to-sulcus measurements have been a common practice in ICL sizing; however, regardless of these exterior measurements, “At least 25% of eyes will still end up with >0.5mm error, in terms of predicting the sulcus,” stated Dr. Dan Reinstein.

Post Operative ICL Implantation

Utilizing The ArcScan Insight® 100 for post-op ophthalmic ultrasound imaging of implanted lenses can reveal potential causal factors of improper lens positioning. In this image, the ICL footplate sits atop a ciliary body cyst. Rotation of the lens resulted in proper alignment and positioning. The Insight 100 provides high image resolution and the ability to see behind the iris. This insight can aid the surgeon in therapy planning.

Operators can take pre- and post-operative measurements using caliper tools within the Insight 100 to provide comparative measurements and support assessments.

Tool to Determine ICL Sizing

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Phakic lenses are surgically implanted in the posterior chamber, occupying the slit-like potential space between the iris’s posterior surface and the crystalline lens’s anterior surface. Due to the small space here, and the need for aqueous humor to pass through the pupil space, it is critical to measure this area where the lens will be implanted pre-operatively. Only ophthalmic ultrasound imaging can accurately image behind the iris. The ArcScan Insight® 100’s measuring calipers provide precision to within 0.12mm laterally behind the iris.

ICL Haptics Image