pIOL Sizing

“Since we’ve gotten the ArcScan I can with confidence implant the ICL and know that the vault is going to be perfect every time.”

Dr. Tom Tooma, Chief Medical Officer

NVISION Eye Center

Middle Segment Ultrasound Imaging

The ability to precisely determine pIOL lens sizing and placement impacts patient outcomes and clinic efficiency – and much more. The data from the Insight 100’s integrated measurement tools and Anterior Segment scans is designed to support your decisions for pIOL lens sizing and placement. Then, check your outcomes with a post-operative scan. 

Illuminating the Dark Zone
Assessing patient eligibility utilizing images of the anterior segment – not approximations – helps to raise clinician confidence.
Lens Placement and Sizing
For pre-surgery planning, capturing micron-level detail allows for precise vault and lens sizing, utilizing proven nomograms.
Demonstrable Outcomes
Scanning after surgery helps confirm that your lens placement and vault are just what you planned.

Just Right

As you plan for and review pIOL surgery, zeroing in on the sizing and anatomy behind the iris leads to outcomes success. The Insight 100 pIOL Scan Sets capture anatomy that is easily measured using the Rapid Caliper Tool. With the data you gather, nomogram results are demonstrably more precise than the traditional sulcus-to-sulcus measurement.1 With further interpretation, you can identify pathologies or anatomical challenges to make surgical planning more comprehensive.

By employing the Insight 100 and its behind-the-iris ultrasound imaging, you and your patients can count on the precision and repeatability to prepare for and measure the outcomes of pIOL surgery.1

Anatomy and Artifacts

The Insight 100 Anterior Scan is comprised of tailored meridians, with very-high-frequency ultrasound multiple sweeps to deliver images that helps Ophthalmologists focus on elements like:

  • Scleral spur
  • Anterior chamber
  • Ciliary body
  • Masses and cysts
  • Irido-corneal angle
  • And more

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