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Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Parkhurst, Parkhurst NuVision

“The ArcScan is a no-brainer for ICL sizing. I am able to not only have confidence that my sizing will be accurate, but in certain instances, I can even customize and target the ICL vault I want for certain anterior chamber and angle anatomies.”

Dr. Eva Kim, ICON EyeCare

“Before I used the Insight 100 to assist in ICL sizing for my patients, I worried significantly about size related complications the first 24 hours after surgery. Now that I use it routinely for ICL sizing, I sleep better at night. If I didn’t have the Insight 100, I would stop doing ICL surgery!”

Dr. Roger Zaldivar, Instituto Zaldivar

“I can’t emphasize enough how important the ArcScan Insight 100 is today in our practice for ICL sizing. We are really taking it to the next level. It will be the gold standard worldwide in sizing soon!”

Dr. Jerry Tan, Jerry Tan Eye Surgery

“I believe that the Arcscan Insight 100 is the best anterior segment Ultrasound machine on the market presently. It has the ability to scan the eye with the patient focused on a target. This allows measurements on the visual axis that no other anterior segment Ultrasound machine can do...”

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