ArcScan. Using robotics to perfect ultrasound.

Transforming the standard of care

Capturing the details of anatomical structures in the eye has been revolutionized through robotic ultrasound technology. Blending refined scan sets and the ability to control the X, Y and Z axes lets your operators shine as they capture images that serve your exacting needs for treatment and surgical planning.

Empower your practice

Clinical Confidence

Precise, insightful details and reports can reduce your pre-surgery worry.

Positive Outcomes

Knowing exactly what to expect (and avoiding outliers) results in happy patients

Repeatable Results

When precision matters, robotically-driven scanning makes comparisons easier.

Partnering with you

ArcScan believes that bringing highly detailed imaging behind the iris to your practice expands clinical and operational opportunities. Seeing more can offer insight into surgical and treatment planning at every level. Our computer-directed scanning is repeatable, with Kerataconus risk reports, epithelial mapping, ICL sizing data and much more at your fingertips. 

Insight 100 Work Station