The ArcScan Insight® 100 System provides a complete visualization of the true anatomy of the entire anterior segment, including areas behind the iris, and enable precision analysis with repeatable and reproducible data.

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The ArcScan Insight 100 provides access to diagnostic insights that support clinical and surgical decision making, thereby unlocking the true potential of intelligent ultrasound visualization.


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So what about Fourier Domain OCT and Epithelial Thickness Mapping? (October 2015)

Having worked to develop epithelial mapping with its many applications for over 20 years now and given the commonly held (erroneous) belief that OCT would be more accurate for thickness measurement than VHF digital ultrasound simply because of differences in wavelength, I am often asked how OCT compares to VHF digital ultrasound. In my clinical […]

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Current technologies are getting us within 0.50 diopters in about 85% of our patients.  If ArcScan could determine ELP (Effective Lens Position) that could drive outcomes to 90 – 92% within a 0.50 diopter then surgeons would adopt it

— Dr. Dick Lindstrom

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ArcScan Announces First Insight® 100 Device for Ophthalmic Imaging in US Clinics

The Insight® 100, ArcScan’s FDA 510(k)-cleared precision ultrasound device for imaging and biometry of the eye, has been incorporated into the first of many US clinics. Golden, CO June 07, 2016 — ArcScan, Inc., developer of state-of-the-art ophthalmic visualization technology, announced today that the Insight® 100, ArcScan’s FDA 510(k)-cleared precision ultrasound device for imaging and […]

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We are very proud to announce that we have received our FDA 510(k) clearance!  To learn more, please click here:

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