Disposable EyeSeal For Insight 100

What is an EyeSeal?

The disposable EyeSeal is the portion of the Insight 100 ophthalmic ultrasound device that is in contact with the patient’s orbital area. It is designed to be disposable and used for a single patient only. It completes the fluid pathway for the ophthalmic ultrasound imaging processes by serving as the receptacle for sterile saline. 

The EyeSeal design is similar to a swim goggle in that it maintains a sealed environment for the eye through simple contact with the orbital area of the patient’s face.


To place an order for disposable EyeSeals, existing customers can click on the link above and complete the information and submit their request. If you have questions or don’t own Insight 100, please get in touch with your Regional Manager at [email protected].

ArcScan partners with Lovell Government Services for all military ordering in the United States. They can be reached at [email protected] or 850.684.1867.


Each EyeSeal is packaged individually. It includes the main portion that covers the eye and a saline line, an air purge line with a clamp, a drain line with a clamp, and a drain bag to capture the used saline. 

How is an EyeSeal set up?

As you prepare the Insight 100 for each patient, part of the setup includes attaching a new disposable EyeSeal to the front of the device. (See the Insight 100 instruction manual for specific details.) The process is included in Insight 100 training, and you can also contact your Regional Sales Director for support as needed.

How is the EyeSeal watertight?

A seal is created through consistent contact with the patient’s skin and the EyeSeal. For more details about positioning your patient, please visit our YouTube page for more training.

The EyeSeal consumable for the Insight 100
A closeup of the EyeSeal
EyeSeal Diagram, showing the lines, clamps, and design of the disposable item that protects your eye and holds saline during the scan.
The Elements of the EyeSeal