Cornea Insights

Epithelial thickness changes in a patient before and after collagen crosslinking for ectasia

In March 2005, a 35-year-old man presented to the London Vision Clinic, London, United Kingdom, complaining of poor vision, difficulty reading and driving, and a general decrease in quality of life following LASIK performed in South Africa in March 2001. The patient reported that vision in his left eye had not been good since the […]

Cornea after radial keratotomy and subsequent high irregular astigmastim and severe loss of visual acuity

Summary ArcScan technology was used to scan a cornea that had undergone radial keratotomy with inferior and superior trapezoidal keratotomies, resulting 27 years later in high irregular astigmatism (+6.50 -8.00 x 101) and severe loss of corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) to 20/50. The epithelial thickness profile was highly irregular, masking a significant proportion of the true stromal […]

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