Insight 100 Auto-Centration

The ArcScan Insight® 100 device offers 5 different scan options to allow for fully automated image acquisition but also for customized manual imaging to adapt to the needs of each patient

Medical laser centered on woman's eye

Auto Centering

This option generates a full set of scans with auto-centering used on the first meridian. It is the default scan type of the device and centers the image on the corneal apex. The device will scan the patient’s eye and then calculate the position of the corneal apex before obtaining the images. As a variation this mode can be set to auto center before every meridian. In this case the device will recalculate the position of the corneal apex prior to each meridian.

No Centering / Manual Centering

In some patients auto-centration may not be desirable, therefore the system offers two types of alternative scanning without auto-centration: “no-centering mode” and “manual centration mode”. Using the manual centration mode enables users to select the desired centration point, e.g. based on certain anatomic variations or due to the fact that the patient is unable to hold the eye steady. The machine will then perform the scans using the selected reference point.

Continuous Scan

In order to benefit from auto-centration but still retain the ability to manually make fine adjustments, the ArcScan Insight® 100 features a continuous scan mode. This enables the user to precisely image a particular, small feature of the eye, such as a scar or implant haptic or a specific region around the zonules.

Next / Repeat Scan Mode

This mode is specifically designed for patients who have trouble holding their eye steady during the scanning procedure. Images are taken individually and the system will prompt the user after each scan to either repeat the scan or continue with the image acquisition.