Insight 100 Technical Specifications

The Insight 100 is 52 inches wide x 43 inches deep x 60 inches high / 132 cm wide x 84 cm deep x 152 cm high. It uses those dimensions well, including a fluidics module, computer, scan head, and distilled water reservoir. The table gives you workspace for notes and the monitor and keyboard to manage image capture and analysis.

The table is adjustable, as is the chin rest, to keep your patient comfortably still and upright. One of the benefits operators have commented on is that you are positioned next to your patient, able to easily adjust and counsel them throughout the procedure.

The Insight 100 requires standard power to operate the robotically-controlled VHF ultrasound.

ArcScan Spec Sheet

Watch the steps for initial set-up of the ArcScan Insight® 100.