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EyeSeal For Ophthalmic Ultrasound

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What is an EyeSeal? The disposable EyeSeal is the portion of the Insight 100 ophthalmic ultrasound device that is in contact with the patient’s orbital area. It is designed to be disposable and used for a single patient only. It completes the fluid pathway for the ophthalmic ultrasound imaging processes by serving as the receptacle… Read More

Corneal / Refractive Biometry and Tomography

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Corneal tomography and imaging uses: The Corneal Imaging mode uses an arc radius of 8-9 mm to match the cornea’s radius of curvature. The scan area can image the entire cornea utilizing four equally spaced meridians. The Insight 100’s ability to take precise corneal tomography and micro-measurements in the cornea and anterior segment provides early detection of… Read More