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ArcScan, Inc. Signs Definitive Agreement for $11.15 Million Preferred Series B Investment with Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Ltd.

From Lab to Launch by Qualio with Special Guest Andy Levien

Expanding Med Device Distribution Internationally and in China with Andy Levien CEO at ArcScan

Andy Levien, President and CEO of ArcScan talks to Robert about expanding his medical device company internationally and into China.

The Ophthalmologist: Innovators 2020

ArcScan made The Ophthalmologist’s Top Innovators of 2020 list!

The entire team behind ArcScan has been working relentlessly throughout 2020, and we know 2021 will be even better! Click the link to read our article!

The Ophthalmologist Cover

MedTech Outlook Magazine Feature:

ArcScan has made the Top 10 in Ultrasound Providers by MedTech Outlook’s Magazine!

The magazine is set to publish by the end of September, but click the picture to get an exclusive preview to the interview with our CEO, Andrew Levien!

Med Tech Outlook

The Ophthalmology April 2020 Edition: Power List 2020

Click the hyperlink to read the 2020 Power List in ophthalmology, put out by The Ophthalmologist magazine.

This list celebrates the most influential figures in ophthalmology, including many ArcScan Insight® 100 users such as Dr. Ike Ahmed, Dr. John Berdahl, Dr. Roberto Zaldivar, and our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Reinstein!

Arc Scan Powerlist

“ArcScan Insight® 100’s unique imaging capabilities” by Dr. Dan Reinstein, AAO 2019

Here Dr. Dan Reinstein discusses the ArcScan Insight® 100’s unique imaging capabilities. We have divided this talk into two separate sections, one on corneal epithelium mapping and another on ICL sizing. We at ArcScan are seeking to be the Gold Standard of Anterior Chamber Imaging. With sites around the world utilizing the Insight 100, you can be assured that we are imaging ahead of the curve. Please let us know of your interest, feedback, or other questions you may have!

New! ICL Sizing website by Dr. Dan Reinstein

Just Released at ESCRS Paris by Dan Reinstein MD.

This highly anticipated free-to-all website provides a calculator with inputs to popular sizing formulas (Kojima, Nakamura, Dougherty, London Vision Clinic). The use of the ArcScan Insight® 100 Very High Frequency Ultrasound to gain these measurements is encouraged to further improve the safety of ICL sizing.

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ArcScan Insight 100 “Post-Op ICL Scan”
ArcScan Insight 100 “Post-Op ICL Scan”
ICL Measurments

November 2018 OIS: Ophthalmology Innovation & Investment

ArcScan president & CEO Andrew Levien says their Insight 100 imaging system obtains precision anterior segment measurements enabling advances in therapeutic implants and provides earlier possible glaucoma detection and management.

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